Our presence on Television and in the Media

Follow our presence on television here with these videos with reports and interviews featuring Dr. Ana Silva Guerra. Thanks to her experience and competence, she is often invited to give her opinion on varied topics and to talk about her work, in the most diverse programs and media. Watch the videos and learn more about her and the Clinic!

Postpartum Mastitis


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on RTP

16 March, 2021
See the interview of Dr. Ana Silva Guerra about Postpartum Mastitis. This is the most common form of infectious mastitis. The infection usually manifests itself in the first 3 months after delivery.

Breast Cancer in Men


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on CMTV

20 February, 2020
Watch Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on Manhã CM - CMTV, where she had the opportunity to clarify all questions about breast cancer in men. It exists and it can be fatal.

Breast Reconstruction after Cancer


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on RTP África

3 December, 2018
In this interview on RTP Africa, Dr. Ana Silva Guerra delves into the topic of breast reconstruction after cancer, covering various issues related to before, during and after breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction after Cancer


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on SIC Notícias

14 October, 2018
Dr. Ana Silva Guerra discusses the possibilities of breast reconstruction after cancer. The placement of implants or the use of fat from the patient her/himself are two common options.

A case of Skin Removal Surgery


Interview with CMTV

19 September, 2018
Dr. Ana Silva Guerra brings a guest to CMTV who had a massive weight loss after bariatric surgery. After losing 66 kg, the patient underwent plastic surgery to remove excess skin.

When the Man's Breast Grows


Interview by Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on CMTV

29 August, 2018
In this video, Dr. Ana Silva Guerra addresses Gynecomastia. This condition affects many men and is characterised by the development of breasts.

What is Hyperhidrosis?


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on TVI

16 August, 2018
Dr. Ana Silva Guerra talks about hyperhidrosis, a disease that is characterized by sudoresis or excessive sweating.

The Negative Effects of Tobacco on the Healing Process


Dr. Ana Silva Guerra on RTP

26 March, 2018
A Drª. Ana Silva Guerra explica no programa Bom Dia Portugal da RTP de que forma o tabaco afeta a cicatrização e aumenta o risco de complicações no período pós-operatório.

The Ana Silva Guerra Clinic team talks about Fibromyalgia


In the TVI “Você na TV” Show

29 August, 2018
Fibromyalgia is the disease of the century and affects mainly women. This disease is characterised by widespread chronic pain, anxiety, depression and several other debilitating symptoms.