Blepharoplasty or
Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (technically called blepharoplasty) is an intervention that eliminates excess skin and reduces fat pockets, making the upper and lower eyelids smoother, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

Over the years, the accumulation of skin on the upper and lower eyelids is very common. It may also become evident the protrusion of the fat balls present in the eyelids. All of these changes contribute to an aging and tired appearance. In some cases, the excess skin is such that the field of vision itself is compromised. It is important to realize that eyelid surgery, being very effective in eliminating the problems described, does not allow to solve the small wrinkles commonly known as "crow's feet" that develop in the lateral part of the eyes nor the wrinkles that appear in the apple of the face or eyebrow drop Thus it is possible to complement blepharoplasty with other more or less invasive procedures (a lift of the eyebrows, a lift of the middle third of the face, the treatment of dark circles or wrinkles with botulinum toxin) for a maximum result. The naturalness of the results is often one of the concerns among men who ponder the performance of this surgery. Therefore, it is important the evaluation in consultation where they will clarify doubts and adapt the procedure to the specific needs of the patient. This is an intervention performed in an outpatient setting, that is, without needing hospitalization. Anesthesia is local, complemented with sedation so that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. Recovery is not time-consuming (between 10 and 15 days) and is not associated with major limitations. The avoidance of physical activity is an important aspect during the first two weeks.


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