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Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Our Mission

In a welcoming space, a reference team, committed to Plastic Surgery and to well-being and body care Medicine, offers solutions to many of your questions and concerns, whether of reconstructive or aesthetic nature.

Here you will find professionalism, dedication and authenticity. You will find the difference whether in the application of different therapeutic techniques, or in the small details of each procedure, as simple as it may be. Each core element of this team is highly specialized in their mission and work.

We believe in the customizing and in the importance of human "touch" and respect for ethics and privacy.

Your smile is our pride and our motivation.

Dermato-Functional Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy area committed to the evaluation, treatment and prevention of functional and aesthetic imbalances resulting from diseases, surgical interventions and / or complications (traumatic, postoperative) which directly or indirectly affect the integrity of your body , that is, the integument.

The Physiotherapist specialized in this particular area of Physioherapy has, in addition to anatomopathology, pathology and cosmetology knowledge, physical and natural means, models, methods and therapeutic techniques, which allow to effectively rehabilitate the patient.

The integrated therapeutic approach for the various clinical pathologies of aesthetic-functional nature enhances and ensures objective results, without causing inherent risks in the patient's health, promoting well-being and quality of life. This integrated approach of techniques and knowledge is particularly important in the rehabilitation of mastetomy patients, burn patients, post-traumatic scars, among others. Other essential components of the the specialist Physiotherapist’s intervention in Dermatofunctional are the pre and postoperative of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.


Nutrition was not neglected! The balanced diet and the necessary support for the weight loss or maintenance are essential requirements when we are committed to body health and well-being.
PronokalⓇ is a leading brand in the nutrition and health areas. PronoKal® method is implemented under strict medical supervision. This ensures efficiency, but above all the safety of the program. The doctor has specialized training and accompanies the patient in-person during different stages of the process. The approach is always multidisciplinary: besides the doctor, there are nutritionists, physical exercise technicians and coaching technicians. Much more than effective weight loss due to lifestyle changes, the purpose is to maintain it, indefinitely. Now all of this is possible and proven.

Meet the team and confirm this!