Lip Filling with Hyaluronic Acid

Lips are a symbol of sensuality and captivate the look. With the aging process, they become progressively thinner and more flattened, with small wrinkles that settle around them. Lip treatment does not have to be complicated, but, as a rule, it brings some anxieties and worries that fade after a first experience. It is one of the top 10 treatments that women seek the most!

Lip filling should be done with hyaluronic acid for several reasons: it is a sensitive area, susceptible to volume changes with small stimuli and therefore must be used an innocuous, allergy-free and fully compatible material. Nothing is better than hyaluronic acid, and usual constituent of our body that gets lost with age. In this way, it is possible to preserve the contour and the young volume of the lips for a long time, being a non-invasive procedure.

Properly carried out, with a good prior preparation being essential to the procedure, and conditioning temporary anesthesia, this procedure makes it possible to treat the lip without using needles, through the use of specialized cannulas (without cutting or protruding edge). This means lip treatment is easier and with no consequences. Black stains do not appear because the filler is deposited without trauma or destruction of the small capillaries.

With the latest innovations in the range of lip treatment products, the edema or swelling arising from the tratment goes away over a weekend! There will be no more reason to fear returning to work! A weekend will be enough for you to feel good and back to your image, with smoother lips.

Asymmetries will be more disguised, even imperceptible, depending on the severity of each case. In these situations of lip asymmetry, volume treatment is the first optiom and only then more aggressive methods, including surgical ones, are considered.

An artificial appearance or the fear of interference with the smile and normal functioning of the mouth, are frequent questions. It must be clarified that a lip treatment cannot and should not affect the smile. Mobility is always preserved and it does not interfere with speech or expression.

It is important to remind that only experienced and qualified doctors can lead to natural and adequate results concerning the individuality of each patient. Too much volume either on the lip or on the face only contributes to the loss of the particular features, which is not intended.


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