Lipoabdominoplasty is a combined surgical procedure that allows for the remodeling of the abdominal contour by removing excess skin and fat, along with strengthening the muscle wall.

The abdominal muscles may be toned or flaccid (depending on the sporting habits of the patient), but the main problem is the removal of the muscles and the laxity of the fascia or aponeurosis between them. Pregnancy is one of the main reasons for the removal of these muscles - abdominal diastasis.

The lipoabdominoplasty allows to simultaneously correct the muscular and aponeurotic wall and to eliminate the tissue that is in excess in the abdomen. The lipoabdominoplasty also allows the removal of stretch marks of the inferior part of the abdomen, those that are below the navel.

It is a combined procedure because abdominoplasty will be associated with liposuction, which is an essential technique to improve the definition of the waist, especially in the region of the flanks. Redefining the waist, returning to the female body of before is a unanimous desire among patients who are candidates for abdominoplasty.

It is a very rewarding procedure for patient and doctor because the results literally transform a woman's life and self-image, after numerous changes her body has gone through.


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