Liposuction and Liposculpture

With age there is a redistribution of body fat especially around the waist. Fat that is resistant to exercise is usually the subcutaneous fat, which lies between the skin and the muscle wall. More and more the male sex seeks liposculpture, the improvement of body contouring through liposuction when physical exercise and feeding fail.

Since 1997, aesthetic procedures have been growing in the male universe. This growth has been particularly strong over the past five years. This is due to several factors: the increasing acceptance of plastic surgery and its resources in the general population, the progressive aging of the population and the growing demand of the world of work. Liposuction has been the most accomplished procedure for men in the United States in recent years.
"Daddy Do Over" has gained increasing popularity as more and more parents are in their 40s and over who dedicate themselves to family and work who look good and fight against the "extra" kilos that accumulate in the abdomen.
In order for the abdominal musculature to become noticeable, the fat mass percentage must be low (less than 10%). With a thicker adipose layer, much physical effort and training that the man does, will not get the celebrated "tablet in the squares."
Thus, not neglecting the physical training to tone and work the abdominal muscles, liposculpture is the missing piece for the results to be expected.
Liposuction can be precise to the point of strengthening this definition of muscle (High Definition liposculpture) by modeling the thin layer of fat that covers the muscular wall.
In a safe way and guaranteeing a quick recovery it is possible to achieve excellent results with liposculpture and thus contribute to the desired change in the life of our patients.


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