What is microneedling?

It is a non-surgical, non-invasive technique. The end result is improved skin texture, minimizing fine wrinkles and already creased lines as well as decreasing skin blemishes. After applying an anesthetic cream, microchannels are created on the skin with an automated mechanical device. This microaggression of the skin, dermis more specifically, is inductive of collagen synthesis and allows the improvement of unsightly scars like acne marks and stretch marks. In addition to the mechanical stimulus, the chemical stimulation with specific substances and directed to the problem in question, also happens. Through micropunctions it is possible to optimize the intradermal penetration of vitamins and other active substances that also contribute to the improvement of skin conditions - blemishes, flaccidity, stretch marks, oiliness.

Onde é que esta técnica pode ser utilizada?

The microneedle technique can be used on the face, neck, neckline, arms, legs and abdomen. Where there is evidence that the skin is fragile, thin and damaged by the sun. It has excellent results in regions with enlarged, depressed scars, contour deformities or striations. There is the increase in skin thickness, curiously, a lesser visibility of small vessels or capillaries that persist in appearing over time.

Although not a resurfacing technique, micropuncture has had a significant effect on blemishes and hyperpigmentations, especially when combined with certain active principles.

The treatment of the labial region has been very successful with the microneedle. The fine vertical wrinkles that even discourage the application of lipstick, are progressively eliminated, as well as the darker spots, so common in this area.

How many sessions do I need?

This is a very similar technique to fractional LASER, but instead of mechanical energy, it uses thermal energy and manages to be much more accessible. Thus, just as LASER requires several treatments, so does micro-needling. Between four to six sessions, depending on severity. Once the desired result is achieved, it is recommended to maintain the results with one to two sessions a year.

Do I have marks? How much time?

After each session it is expected to look rosy for about 2 to 3 days. It is an ideal treatment to do even before the weekend and early next week will be ready! Another good news is that you can use make-up (proper) the logo the next day. You will feel a slight burning in the immediate hours, some firmness of the skin and may flake slightly. Results are expected between two and three weeks.

The technique of microneedling has been evolving over the years. Puncture techniques vary between rollers and mechanical micropump. The ideal is to limit penetration to the dermal and epidermal junction and during the passage of the microneedles the key active principles are applied. We know that microneedling is a process but the results are dependent on how the technique is performed.


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