Treatment for Dark Circles

They are areas of darker pigmentation in the periorbital region. They more often affect women and in general involve both eyes.

They are usually widened in the lower eyelid, and in the most severe cases they may cover both eyelids up to the orbital border where the eyebrows are located, and the malar and temporal region, where cheekbones and the lateral border of the face are found. The onset age is around 16-25 years old. There is a recognized family trend, and in some ethnic groups this problem is more pronounced. Several treatments were proposed, with more or less success. Treatment should be adapted to each patient, since it is often the combination of therapeutic options. We should highlight aesthetic treatment with hyaluronic acid and a more invasive, surgical, treatment, which corresponds to autologous fat grafting in the form of micro and / or nano graft. Once properly applied, these treatments lead to an improvement of local skin quality, strengthening it and improving hyperpigmentation.


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