Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation usually combines vaginal remodeling (narrower and firmer channel) with labioplasty or vulvoplasty (improving the contour and shape of the labia majora and minora).

Small Lip Hypertrophy (SLH) is a frequent condition among women and corresponds to the exaggerated increase in volume or the protrusion of the small lips in relation to the larger, outer lips. SLH may be congenital, affecting patients in a younger age group, during adolescence / early adulthood, or acquired, that is, it may develop later, for example after pregnancy and childbirth; mechanical irritation (sexual activity); lymphatic stasis; dermatitis and incontinence. With aging, similar structural changes can also occur.

The main indications for the Labioplasty are: the asymmetry or significant hypertrophy of the genitals with implications in the self-esteem and consequently in the quality of life of the woman; discomfort in physical activity, limitations in the choice of clothing; changes due to childbirth; discomfort or interference in sex life.

The most common symptoms that motivate a Labioplasty are pain, discomfort during physical activity (bicycle, gymnastics), or with certain clothing; pain secondary to friction and friction during sexual activity; symptoms of skin irritation (hypersensitivity, pruritus), unpleasant odor and vaginal discharge due to increased susceptibility to infections (physical barrier that may contribute to alter the vaginal microflora).

In reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the genitals, the plasty of the labia minora is the most frequently performed. Nowadays, genital surgery is less and less a "taboo" subject, and is increasingly recognized as a definitive and, in most cases relatively simple, solution to limiting, embarrassing and weighty situations in the intimate life of women, in the their self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is a relatively simple intervention and can be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia with sedation. There are different surgical techniques that are selected depending on the characteristics of the patient, however the principle is common and consists of removing the skin or tissue that is in excess. The stitches eventually disappear without leaving an apparent scar. In the genital region it is neither possible nor suitable to make a large postoperative dressing. An ointment is applied and the patient places a cotton swab or sanitary napkin for protection. Broad clothing is essential in the first phase. The pain is not very significant as long as the medication is fulfilled. In post-operative care should be noted the absence of sexual activity and physical activity for at least one month. Then, according to evolution, the return to normal life follows.


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