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Discover all the treatments e surgical interventions that you can do to your body at Drª. Ana Silva Guerra. Whatever the nature of your problems, we have the solution for you! Whether reconstructive or aesthetic problems, we are here to help. Talk to us and clarify your doubts!

Abdominoplastia Lisboa
abdominoplastia lisboa


Excess skin, flabbiness and weakness of the abdominal muscles are the causes of a more relaxed and protruding tummy. An abdominoplasty will correct all these changes. By bringing the rectus abdominis muscles closer together, muscle diastasis is corrected, as well as any hernias that might exist in the umbilical region. Liposuction is almost always associated with this procedure, allowing to reduce the thickness of the tissues that are preserved, both in the anterior part of the abdomen, as well as in the lateral parts of the torso, redefining the waist. The excess skin and fat that are below the navel are completely removed. The stretch marks that existed on this skin are eliminated permanently. It is important, however, to always bear in mind that abdominoplasty produces a permanent scar at the location where the caesarean scar is usually located, that is, immediately above the pubic region and that, depending on the severity of the situation, the scar can be more or less long.

Lipoaspiracao lisboa
lipoaspiracao lisboa


Liposuction is a surgical technique with micro incisions, which allows the body fat to be remodelled under the skin. It is not a weight loss method. Your weight must be stable and close to what you want. This way we will get the best result out of the liposuction. The goals and achievements of the liposculpture are improving the body shape, sculpting the contour and transplanting the fat to regions where it is most needed. We often complain about the fat that accumulates in the arms, back, flanks and abdomen. The thighs, both on the inside and on the outside also have unsightly accumulation of fat. The knees can also be bulkier, especially on the inner side. Thus, the fat aspirated through small holes (3 to 5 mm) from these target areas, can be transferred to the breast, the face, the buttocks or the region of the calf muscles. In the vast majority of cases, surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires an overnight stay.

Cirurgia Contorno Corporal Lisboa
cirurgia contorno corporal lisboa

Body Contour

Patients who have suffered massive weight loss or who have experienced significant weight fluctuations, exhibit excess skin that hangs over the entire waist, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. The redundant and loose skin that causes body deformity and restricts movement and clothing is removed through different procedures. The belt lipectomy allows to correct the torso region, leaving the scar around the waist. Brachyplasty is the procedure indicated for the arms. Cruroplasty or thigh lift corrects the flabbiness of the thighs. Finally, for the upper part of the torso, the upper torso lift that normally involves more than one procedure - mastopexy or subcutaneous mastectomy (in the case of men) and the removal of the folds of the upper torso that are often located in the bra area. All these interventions can be combined, usually in groups of 2 interventions per operative time. Again, liposuction is a complementary technique often used.

Contorno Corporal
Cirurgia Íntima Feminina Lisboa
cirurgia intima femina lisboa

Intimate Female Surgery

Labial Hypertrophy is a frequent condition amongst women and corresponds to the exaggerated increase in volume or the protrusion of the small lips in relation to the outermost larger lips. LH can be congenital, affecting patients (or becoming evident) during adolescence / early adulthood, or acquired, that is, it can develop later, for example after pregnancy and childbirth (hormonal changes can condition the stretching of the labia minora). Aging can also bring about similar structural changes. Labiaplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia associated with sedation for patient comfort. The stitches are absorbable and the scar is no longer noticeable over time. In the genital region, it is neither possible nor appropriate to make a large post-operative dressing. An ointment is applied and a cotton pad is placed over it. Loose clothing is essential at first. The pain is not very significant, as long as the medication is followed. In post-operative care, the absence of sexual activity and physical activity for at least one month should be noted. Then, according to evolution, the return to normal life will follow.



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